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Annual Report of Scottish Tribunals

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Annual Reports for the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (ASNTS) - up to 11 January 2018

The President published annual reports on the work and developments of the ASNTS up until 11 January 2018.  These annual reports present information on the number and type of cases received by the ASNTS each year, the type of additional support needs present in each case and the case outcomes. From 12 January 2018 the President will provide the President of Scottish Tribunals with an annual report on the work of the Chamber.  The President of Scottish Tribunals will publish a Scottish Tribunals annual report, which will include details of each Chamber.  The most recent report can be accessed by clicking the front cover image below.


“I have great pleasure in producing my final Annual Report for the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (ASNTS).  This covers the period 1 April 2017 to 11 January 2018.  The ASNTS transferred into the Health and Education Chamber on 12 January 2018.  I hope that you find the content interesting and informative.”  Mrs May Dunsmuir, President.

13th Annual Report front cover image
        13th Annual Report

Recent previous reports are available by clicking the relevant image below:

12th Annual Report front cover image
12th Annual Report
11th Annual Report Cover Image
11th Annual Report
10th Annual Report Cover Image
 10th Annual Report


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